About Us

Rabbit – Creator and Operator

Rabbit is a crafter, cosplayer, teacher-in-training, with a passion for creating, supporting, and education. 

Rabbit has been part of the cosplay community since 2002 and has found her passion lies in crafting things and teachings others. Due to this passion, she spends lots of her time researching, studying, and testing new products and  creating tutorials to expand her portfolio of knowledge.

Lion –  Husband and Co-Worker

Lion is Rabbit’s Husband, which means he gets roped into joining her at conventions and working on projects. Due to this, he’s started to dabble in a few crafts himself and is now a member of the company as he created etched items and 3D printed projects as well.

Saffron –  Fuzzy Worker

Saffron is our supervisor, time management, HR, and little punk in the workshop. If he can sit on something we need to work on, you better believe he’s there in an instant.
On top of watching over us while we work, Saffron also greets customers at the door for us(then promptly ignores them a moment later).
Since we know people are allergic to cats, we always make sure to defuzz all of his hairs from all our projects before we ship things out.
Although Saffron claims he’s the Rabbit Tales mascot, he’s more of a secondary mascot for us.