Dragon Scale Knitted Fingerless Gloves


All gloves are one size fits most. Rabbit’s ring finger is size 5 and the gloves are slightly loose while Lion’s ring finger is a size 11 and fits tightly around his hand. If you want custom made gloves, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.

Hand knit by Rabbit, each glove has between 95 and 100 scales knit into a pattern to give your hands a scaled look. The gloves are slightly noisy if you move them around quickly, which can be fun for those that need a little noise in their life. The scales add a weight to the gloves which helps them knitting stay in place.

Made with acrylic yarn and spot washing is best.

The Purple and Black and Red and silver gloves have a metallic thread added to the yarn to give it a shimmery affect.