Lace Coffin Box


Coffin size: 5.5in x 2.5 in x .75in

The perfect laced accent for any halloween party, or even for day to day use as well!

Enjoy this adorable lace box shaped as a coffin with an lid that actually opens! Each piece of the coffin was embroidered by machine, then hand stitched together with a thin layer of permanent fabric glue was added to make sure the hand stitching doesn’t break. You can flip the coffin inside out, pending where you want the glue to be.


Coffins can be machined washed, but will need to be ironed after with a warm iron (not too hot or the threads may melt!). If the edges are floppy, you can use a spray starch and stiffen the material back up.


Materials used: Rayon Thread, Organza material